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Note: During routine maintenance of website, the article ‘Sanitation’ was inadvertently lost and therefore I am re-instating it in its original form now. It was posted in December 2012 but now it is posted in March 2013. The article ‘Fear’ is following the article ‘Sanitation’. Dr. Rajiv Desai. MD. March 20, 2013  ________________________________ Saturday, December 1st, 2012 SANITATION :  _ The picture above shows open defecation near railway track in India. _ Prologue: After writing many articles on topics which concern us in our daily life; right from food, environmental pollution, water and clothing, I thought I must write on the most important and most neglected subject, namely sanitation i.e. safe disposal of human excreta (feces & urine). Till the age of 15 years, I did not have the luxury of private toilet as I was brought up in a middle class environment in Mumbai where shared toilet was the […]


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