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THE FOOD : The health of a human being is dependent on his nutrition which is dependent on his diet(Food).The healthy diet is defined as a diet which maintains/improves the health and prevents disease. The diet choice is dependent on family tradition,eating habits,religion,culture,food availability,food taste,socio-economic factors,nutritional value,animal love,doctor’s advice,etc. Vegetarianism is defined as a practice/habit of diet which avoids/prohibits eating meat/poultry/fish etc.(no flesh). Non-vegetarianism means eating food from animal sources plus plant sources.Even plants have life like animals albeit with lesser consciousness than animals and therefore the issue is not cruelty on animals as far as meat eating is concerned.WHO has classified milk as vegetarian.I believe that eggs are vegetarian because there is no flesh in it.Pure Vegans avoid all animal products including dairy products,eggs,honey etc.Generally speaking,vegetarian diet means eating cereals,pulses,fruits,vegetables,nuts,milk/yogurt etc. 2.8 % Americans and 11 % Britons are vegetarians.30 % Indians are vegetarians which constitute 70 % of […]


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