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Combat Climate Change (CCC): ______ A Houston interstate after Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 _______ Prologue: Recently more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued ‘warning to humanity’.  The scientists around the world are very concerned about the state of the world, the environmental situation and climate change. Experts say worldwide average temperatures have already risen 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial times, largely due to carbon emissions from the United States and Europe over the past century. Many countries are already feeling the heat that is enveloping the globe, with dramatic floods, hurricanes and droughts across the world in recent months adding a sense of urgency to the climate talks. On June 1, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will pull out of the Paris Agreement, a 2015 deal to curb carbon emissions, invest in green technology, and take other steps to combat the existential threat of climate […]



THE WAR: _ _ Prologue: If I intentionally kill another person, I will be subject to a long term of imprisonment or even, in some jurisdictions, the death penalty. But if I kill 1000 people, I might receive a medal; or if a million, I might be promoted to field marshal or even president, provided only that those killed come from another side of a border in a state known as “war”. Today, violence and war are a routine way of life. Dulled by repetition and numbers, we hardly notice mass death. That hundreds of thousands died in a civil war in Africa may be mentioned briefly on page four of our newspapers. If you look at human history, you will notice war is all the rage. Wars have been fought on every continent and in every century—and we have the written records of events to prove it. In 1976, […]



TERRORISM VERSUS FREEDOM-FIGHT : Terrorism is defined  as death and destruction of any innocent human being, intentionally, in order to achieve political goals. However,there is a considerable confusion in the world regarding the difference between terrorism and freedom-fight.No world leader has ever made any clear-cut distinction.So I have decided to make the distinction. When the world uses the word Freedom-Fight in political context,it means legitimate resistance and uprising against the colonial european invaders who occupied the lands of asia and africa forcibly;outside their own country;with the intention to enlarge their empire politically. Freedom-fight means resistance to occupation by foreign invaders who is trying to establish their colony outside their own country.During the resistance;if the innocent people of the invading country are killed in the occupied land;then;it is not terrorism. However;whatever is happening in Palestine and kashmir is not Freedom-fight.Israel and India are not colonial european invaders.Killing innocent civilians in Israel is […]



THE CRIME OF SILENCE: Today, I will discuss the topic which was in my mind for a long time but I could not word it propely.I hope my efforts are successful.The intention of my comments is to enlighten people about any issue by presenting my view-point and not to preach a sermon. THE CRIME OF SILENCE is defined as a willful and deliberate silence about an event occuring before our eyes which is shameful,illegal,immoral,uncivilised and dastardly.The deliberate silence is meant to escape from our responsibility as a civilised society under pretext of an apparent helplessness. Everybody is guilty of the crime of silence including me. No legal textbook ever mentions about it. No court of law ever takes cognizance of it. No punishment is given to the guilty of the crime of silence. Few examples will suffice. Example 1) The roadside vehicular accidents: It is a common occurance in India […]



NUCLEAR WEAPONS: The Nuclear Weapon is defined as an explosive device which releases tremendous energy by the process of a nuclear reaction which could be nuclear fission or fusion or both. It would have been better,had I had written this article as a nuclear physicist,had my mathematical formula of Pi was in school textbooks and had my talents harnessed for making the world a better place to live in.Anyway,I will still attempt as an ordinary doctor with monthly salary of rupees 25000 only… There are various naturally occurring forces in the universe like gravitational forces,electromagnetic forces,nuclear forces etc etc.Nuclear forces bind protons and neutrons in the nucleas of any atom.It is the breakdown of these nuclear forces with resultant loss of mass which releases tremendous energy which can be used in a nuclear reactor to produce electricity or can be used in nuclear weapons to destroy human beings and infrastructure. […]


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