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EXERCISE: _ _ Prologue: The big four “proximate” causes of preventable ill-health are: smoking, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and alcohol excess. Of these, the importance of regular exercise is the least well-known. However, exercise is not a new concept. In 300 BC, Aristotle suggested that “a man falls into ill health as a result of not caring for exercise.”  These factors (smoking, nutrition, lack of physical activity and alcohol) are often described as lifestyle choices, yet many people do not have the finances, self-efficacy, environment or knowledge to be able to practice lifestyle choices correctly. We have moved towards a sedentary society with changing work and domestic habits & patterns. We now drive cars, sit in front of computers or TVs and use domestic appliances. There are far fewer manual jobs. This means that physical activity is not routine for most people. In 1949, 34% of miles travelled […]



  ENTERTAINMENT: _ _ Prologue: Most of us have, at some point, become so immersed in a book or game or movie that the activity temporarily assumes a profound significance and the importance of the outside world begins to fade. Although we are likely to enjoy these experiences in the realm of entertainment, we rarely stop and think about what effect they might be having on us. But maybe we should. For all that has been written about individual pop icons, movie stars, sport stars and sitcoms, and the liberating or oppressive power of popular culture, basic questions remain unanswered. What do we know about the overall effect of living in a society in which entertainment is so central? What do we know about how entertainment affects society and the people who participate in it? Why entertainment activities are so important to us, yet frequently dismissed as being unworthy of […]



CRICKET CONTROVERSIES : Everybody in the cricketing world must understand that what is happening between india and australia is not good for cricket as a sport.A sport is a sport and a game is a game and it is not a matter between life and death.Indians are too emotional and over-reacted.One has to be objective in making analysis and endeavor for improvement in game.Two problems are visible: 1)Bad Umpire Decisions 2)Bad on-field Behaviour of players Both the problems can be solved by using scientific technology. 1)Bad Umpire Decisions:The most stupid thing in cricket, is that the whole world is watching the action-replay in slow-motion and the on-field umpire is unaware of it. It is like the judge is giving the judgement without knowing the evidence.How ICC can be so stupid?? The third umpire should be sacked.Both on-field umpires must be given mobile phone with television implanted in it.Now,it is possible […]


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