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MATCHMAKING:   Prologue: When I was waiting for Indian premiere train Rajdhani Express on a railway station in the month of march, year 2000 to meet my fiancee ; I received a telephone call from her and she told me that no need to come to meet her in her hometown as she has changed her mind and she will return the engagement ring. Since it was too late to cancel the train ticket, I decided to continue journey and boarded train to reach her hometown to meet her. Her family told me that they like me and she changed her mind due to her impulsive behavior but now she is willing to marry me. So I let go her intemperate outburst and went ahead with the marriage. The marriage broke down in one year when I was abroad and the rest is history. It was my mistake to ignore […]



SEX EDUCATION: Prologue: When I was a small child of about 6 to 8 years old, I asked my relatives about how I came to this world. They told me that a child comes from heaven. I was wandering how it is possible; even at that immature age. Nobody told me that relationship between a man and a woman brings a child. When I got admission in medical college at the age of 17 years, my friends who got admission in engineering college came to my house to see anatomy books. I was surprised. I asked them what they want. They told me that they want to know everything about male and female genitalia as they are growing up and they have no knowledge about it. Most teens want to know about sex but do not know how to get information. So they buy magazines & books, see movies, visit […]



THE POLYGAMY : POLYGAMY is defined as a state of human relationship in which a person has more than one spouse at a time. Polygamy-man(PGM)is defined as a state of human relationship where a husband has more than one wife at a time. Polygamy-woman(PGW)is defined as a state of human relationship where a wife has more than one husband at a time. The term polygamy is applied only in marital relations and not for extra-marital or promiscuous relations. PGM is allowed in Islam but not allowed in other major religions.PGW is banned and condemned in all religions and civilisations. Islam and the holy Quran allows PGM under strict conditions.The husband must give equal love and equal justice to his wives.Also,during war;there would be young widows who can be rehabilitated by giving a status of a wife of an already married man;just to save her from evil anti-social men who are […]



HOMOSEXUALITY AND SAME SEX MARRIAGE : Let me begin with the discussion on the most controversial topic of 21’st century,namely homosexuality and same sex marriage.I am a very strong heterosexual person and therefore my views on homosexuality could be biased but I will try to be neutral in my discussions and I offer unconditional apology if my views hurt homosexual community. Homosexuality is defined as an aberrant behaviour or orientation among persons of same sex towards eachother. Homosexuality among men is referred as Gay. Homosexuality among women is referred as Lesbianism. True prevalence of homosexuality is difficult to estimate but by most surveys, found to be 3 percent of population.The gay rights movement show exaggerated prevalence of 10 percent of population to prove that homosexuality is normal and widespread. The animal studies have shown that there is some biological basis for homosexuality as some species of animals and birds do […]



THE GOLD STANDARD OF REAL LOVE : Love is defined as a biological desire of a human being which is an emotional feeling of deep affection towards another human being which is mediated by neuro-chemical reactions in the brain. I will discuss the love between a man and a woman who have no biological relationship like brother-sister,father-daughter,mother-son etc etc. I will not discuss impersonal love like love for a country,love for a car etc etc. Psychologically; love has 3 components, namely, intimacy,commitment and passion. Scientifically; love is a biological desire like hunger,thirst etc which is mediated by release of neuro-chemicals like dopamin,norepinephrin,serotonin etc in the brain which in turn stimulates pleasure-centre in brain and the human being gets pleasure in love-making. Love between a man and a woman includes sexual relations but sexual relations between a man and a woman does not necessarily includes love.For example;a man enjoys sexual relations […]


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