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Electronic Voting: _____ _____ Prologue: Voting is the bridge between the governed and the government. The right to vote freely for the candidate of one’s choice is of the essence of a democratic society. Every voter’s vote is entitled to be counted once. It must be correctly counted and reported. The Voting System of a country consists of certain regulations which define how the preference of people is collected and how outcome of the polling process is indicating the will of people. A popular quote says that “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Elections are a defining feature of democratic government, but all too frequently, we take the actual mechanics of the election for granted. We speak at length of such issues as who is allowed to vote, how campaigns are conducted, and how they are financed, but most people’s understanding […]



TERRORISM: _ The image above shows victim of terrorism. _ Prologue: The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of some people who are evil, but because of good people who don’t do anything about evil people. In human history, terrorism is widely recognized as the world’s most famous enemy of mankind. As history itself will admit that terrorism is annihilation with far-reaching and destructive effects, it is also the cruelest of crimes against humanity. Its remains have turned neighbors into enemies and have made our societies and the whole world unsafe for living. Its aims and applications are global and uncompromising. Neither terrorism nor perpetrators are new. Even though it has been used since the beginning of recorded time, not history itself can keep, with precision, the number of lives and properties lost to terrorism. Terrorism has been most succinctly defined as “the intentional use of, or […]



_____________________________________________________________________________ FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) _ _ Caveat: Please do read my articles on ‘Internet censorship’, ‘Science of Religion’ and ‘Torture’ whereby I have discussed freedom of expression on internet, blasphemy & sacred texts and clash of moral duties respectively. The reason for writing an entire article on ‘Freedom of Expression’ is to respond to an attempt made by Indian media to block my article ‘Hybrid Smile’ on my facebook page. Here I have discussed in depth the scope of freedom of expression and the limitations of freedom of expression. In order to make the article vibrant and inclusive, I have taken liberty to include views of some which may sound offensive to some community or some leaders or some people. I do not agree with some of the views of others posted in this article but for the sake of freedom of expression, I have allowed those […]



THE WAR: _ _ Prologue: If I intentionally kill another person, I will be subject to a long term of imprisonment or even, in some jurisdictions, the death penalty. But if I kill 1000 people, I might receive a medal; or if a million, I might be promoted to field marshal or even president, provided only that those killed come from another side of a border in a state known as “war”. Today, violence and war are a routine way of life. Dulled by repetition and numbers, we hardly notice mass death. That hundreds of thousands died in a civil war in Africa may be mentioned briefly on page four of our newspapers. If you look at human history, you will notice war is all the rage. Wars have been fought on every continent and in every century—and we have the written records of events to prove it. In 1976, […]



THE FARCE OF DEMOCRACY: Prologue:  In the year 2000, the flawed Electoral College system in America helped Bush to win presidential election against Gore despite losing popular vote.  In the year 2004,during Indian parliamentary election, the Congress party got 26% votes with 145 seats and a small party BSP got 5% votes with only 19 seats proving the fact that the Congress party got far more seats than voting percentage would suggest.  In the year 2005, during British parliamentary elections, the Labour party got 35.5 % votes with correspondingly far higher 55.2% seats in parliament. These figures are alarming and therefore I decided to post my comments to focus on this crucial issue.   I will discuss democracy/elections in the context of electing people’s representative to public office and not elections in school/college/corporate sector/sporting body etc.   Synonyms and Abbreviations: Voter = elector Political party = party Legislative body (legislature) […]


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