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THE QUOTABLE QUOTES: I have narrated few conclusions and dictums from my 48 years of experiences from this world as QUOTES for people to know and follow if they wish so. 1) Luck is a sign of imperfection in life.I strive hard to be perfect to eliminate the luck.However,nobody is perfect and therefore everybody needs luck at some time in life. 2) Those who have faith in me,I never let them down, Those who betray me,I make their lives very miserable; Anyway,life is an illusion,death is a reality. 3) I speak neighter of revenge nor forgiveness; Oblivion is the only revenge and the only pardon. 4) It is better to be angry and fulfill your duty,rather than,be sober and neglect your duty. 5) Those who all the time find fault with the character of others;often have loose character themselves. 6) One should never feel very high all the time as […]


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