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THE WATER : Water is defined as a ubiquitous chemical substance having 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atoms bonded to form a molecule H2O, also known as hydrogen oxide.Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen which combines with oxygen to form heavy water(D2O). Water is essential for survival of life as well as essential for economy,industry,ecology,climate cycle and agriculture. 60 % of human body and 80 % of human brain is water.Adult human needs 2 to 3 liters of water daily for drinking and a human can not survive for more than few days without drinking water.75 % of all people in the world are chronically dehydrated leading to day-time fatigue,cancer risk,poor mental ability and body pains.Minimum water requirement per person per day is 50 liters for drinking,bathing,cooking and sanitation.America/Canada uses 2 to 8 times more water per person than most developing nations.Civilisations have developed around water sources/rivers. Water refers to […]


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