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________________ REFRACTIVE ERROR: ________ Prologue: Way back in 1973 when I was 12 years old and studying in 7th standard, I noticed that I could not read black-board from last bench. Initially I thought that everybody must be finding difficult to read black-board from last bench but it was not the case. Soon I visited eye doctor who found that I have refractive error and he prescribed -4 (minus 4) eyeglasses for me. Since then I have been wearing glasses. Refractive errors are usually present in the childhood and continue in the adult life. Unfortunately, they are not given much importance in our society which is evident from the fact that there is no effective system of pre-school visual examination of children either in the government sector or in the private sector. The earth was formed 4 billion years ago. Society has been around for about twenty thousand years. Spectacles […]


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