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_______ MEDIA: ______   ________  Prologue:  When traditional American & Indian media started blocking my comments on internet, they thought nobody would know as they control power to disseminate information via newspapers and televisions. They underestimated my resolve to disseminate truth overriding lies propagated by them. They underestimated power of internet, the new media. Information is knowledge – and knowledge is power – and power in human hands can lead to very bad and (well used) very good results.  Modern age is the age of information. Information plays an important role in each and every sphere of life. It is rightly said that Iraq War was not a war between America and Iraq, but it was a war between two parties, one equipped with information and the other deprived of all information. Hence, the result was a natural outcome. We are living in an age of information revolution. Newspapers, radio […]


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