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  CLOTHING: _ Duchess Kate Middleton, “queen of style” crowned best dressed woman of 2011. _ Prologue: After writing many articles on science, and trying to bring science in religion, crime, entertainment and superstitions, I thought why not write about our clothing. Personally speaking, I have a poor sense of clothing. Before writing this article, I wasn’t aware of all the different fabrics and their qualities. To me it clearly didn’t matter what fabric a garment was made of (so long as it looked good of course) and price was a far more important factor. Singularly criticized by fashionista Sonam kapoor for not appreciating beauty of body and castigated by supermodel Julia Stegner for not knowing what to wear in which profession, I am at a receiving end for not knowing beauty, fashion, style and dress sense. The only way out is to improvise and write on clothing, fashion and […]


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