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HUMAN ERROR   Prologue: On 10’th December 1996, the Mumbai high court passed an ex-party order asking me to pay rupees 10,000 every month to estranged wife on the ground that my lawyer was absent in the court-room. I immediately appealed to the divisional bench of Mumbai high court. The divisional bench of two judges heard my appeal and reduced the amount to rupees 7,000 in the open court in front of everybody present and dictated the court typist to type the new order. The court then got busy with many other matters pending before it. However the court typist typed rupees 10,000 in the new order. Later on, my lawyer met the judges in their chamber and pointed out the typographical error. The judges refused to accept human error and said that due to inflation, cost of living is more and therefore rupees 10000 is appropriate. Till today, I […]


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