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DENGUE: Prologue: I have treated about 150 patients of dengue fever in the year 2008 and 2009 in India and I want to share my experience with the rest of the world about this not-so-bad infamous disease which was wrongly labeled ‘horrible’ as patient’s relatives run from one place to another place in search of platelet transfusion looking at low platelet count with fear and the fear psychosis augmented by treating doctors.   Synonyms and abbreviations: Dengue fever = DF Dengue hemorrhagic fever = DHF Dengue shock syndrome = DSS Dengue virus = DENV DIC = disseminated intravascular coagulation GI tract = gastrointestinal tract NSAIDS = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Normal saline = 0.9 % sodium chloride solution = 9 gram salt dissolved in 1 Liter water. ICF = intracellular fluid ECF = extracellular fluid = interstitial fluid + intravascular fluid   Dengue fever is an acute febrile viral illness caused […]


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