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CHIKUNGUNYA Prologue: Few years ago, I have not heard the name Chikungunya but now a days, I am treating plenty of Chikungunya cases in my medical practice in India. The hall mark of Chikungunya is presence of multiple cases in a family/ neighbourhood/ locality /village /township.  Majority of patients have abrupt onset fever with severe joint pain (arthralgia) with/without joint swelling (arthritis). Even though majority recovered soon, some of them have chronic crippling arthritis lasting for months or years. Also, many patients of Chikungunya were erroneously diagnosed as typhoid/ malaria/ dengue and received wrong treatment. So I posted this comments on Chikungunya to educate masses. Synonyms and abbreviations:  Vector = arthropod = mosquito Chikungunya fever = CF Chikungunya virus = CHIK-V Chikungunya = chicken guinea = chicken gunaya = chickengunya The disease was first described by Marion Robinson and W.H.R. Lumsden in 1955, following an outbreak in 1952 on the […]



THE FARCE OF DEMOCRACY: Prologue:  In the year 2000, the flawed Electoral College system in America helped Bush to win presidential election against Gore despite losing popular vote.  In the year 2004,during Indian parliamentary election, the Congress party got 26% votes with 145 seats and a small party BSP got 5% votes with only 19 seats proving the fact that the Congress party got far more seats than voting percentage would suggest.  In the year 2005, during British parliamentary elections, the Labour party got 35.5 % votes with correspondingly far higher 55.2% seats in parliament. These figures are alarming and therefore I decided to post my comments to focus on this crucial issue.   I will discuss democracy/elections in the context of electing people’s representative to public office and not elections in school/college/corporate sector/sporting body etc.   Synonyms and Abbreviations: Voter = elector Political party = party Legislative body (legislature) […]


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