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Tobacco and Smoking cigarettes:INDIAN EVIL : The world must be shocked to know that indian politicians and indian media are more in favour of tobacco lobby than anti-tobacco lobby. Indeed,India is a rogue state.This is the truth. If anybody from the rest of the world analyse my life,he/she will conclude that india is a rogue state. Smoking cigarettes is the commonest cause of preventable death in the world. One out of five americans die prematurely due to smoking. Everyday 2500 indians die due to smoking and tobacco. Cigarette and tobacco industries defend themselves for providing employement to thousands. You cannot earn livelihood by killing innocent people because then,you become criminals. Smoking cigarette is not a personal matter as passive smoking also kills innocent bystanders. If attempting suicide is an offence,then,smoking is also an offence as it kills the smoker. There should be a picture warning on cigarette packets stating that […]



HUMAN STEM CELL RESEARCH AND THERAPY AND ALSO HUMAN CLONING : Today,I will discuss the very interesting and fascinating topic and scientific achievement,namely,human stem cell research and therapy along with human cloning. The intention is to take on various world leaders and religious leaders who have been misleading the people of the world on this subject either due to their ignorance or arrogance or false dogmas. The stem cells have a remarkable potential to differentiate into various specific cell types in the body to serve as a repair system for the body and to replenish other cell types.The stem cells have 2 basic features namely self-renewal indefinitely and differentiation into specific cell type.The stem cell are of 2 types namely Embryonic Stem Cell(ESC) and Adult Stem Cell(ASC).The ESC can differentiate into 220 specific cell types like heart cell,blood cell,bone cell etc etc. The stem cell therapy is useful to treat […]



HOMOSEXUALITY AND SAME SEX MARRIAGE : Let me begin with the discussion on the most controversial topic of 21’st century,namely homosexuality and same sex marriage.I am a very strong heterosexual person and therefore my views on homosexuality could be biased but I will try to be neutral in my discussions and I offer unconditional apology if my views hurt homosexual community. Homosexuality is defined as an aberrant behaviour or orientation among persons of same sex towards eachother. Homosexuality among men is referred as Gay. Homosexuality among women is referred as Lesbianism. True prevalence of homosexuality is difficult to estimate but by most surveys, found to be 3 percent of population.The gay rights movement show exaggerated prevalence of 10 percent of population to prove that homosexuality is normal and widespread. The animal studies have shown that there is some biological basis for homosexuality as some species of animals and birds do […]



TERRORISM VERSUS FREEDOM-FIGHT : Terrorism is defined¬†¬†as death and destruction of any innocent human being, intentionally, in order to achieve political goals. However,there is a considerable confusion in the world regarding the difference between terrorism and freedom-fight.No world leader has ever made any clear-cut distinction.So I have decided to make the distinction. When the world uses the word Freedom-Fight in political context,it means legitimate resistance and uprising against the colonial european invaders who occupied the lands of asia and africa forcibly;outside their own country;with the intention to enlarge their empire politically. Freedom-fight means resistance to occupation by foreign invaders who is trying to establish their colony outside their own country.During the resistance;if the innocent people of the invading country are killed in the occupied land;then;it is not terrorism. However;whatever is happening in Palestine and kashmir is not Freedom-fight.Israel and India are not colonial european invaders.Killing innocent civilians in Israel is […]



ALCOHOL: Today, I will discuss the most controversial topic for about 12000 years,namely, Alcohol.The alcohol is consumed by 80 % of people at some time in their lives. Alcohol or Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol is defined as an organic compound composed of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen atoms with the molecular configuration as CH3CH2OH. I will not discuss other alcohols like methyl alcohol,propyl alcohol etc etc. The human beings have been consuming alcohol in various alcoholic beverages since 10000 year BC…. I wrote my thesis on alcohol in the year 1986 for my MD exam and concluded that the life-span of a heavy alcoholic is reduced by 12 years; and one out of six deaths in a government hospital is related to alcoholism.I was novice and naive then and the sample size of my study was limited. Whisky is a short form of usquebaugh where uisce means water and bethad means of […]


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