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Mathematics of Pi

Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter.

Pi = circumference/diameter.

Pi is constant irrespective of the size of the circle.

Pi is classified as an irrational number.

Pi denotes relationship between a straight line and a curved line of a circle.

Pi = 22/7 approximately = 3.14159 approximately.

I had calculated Pi way back in 1980 which I am making public today.


The students can see that only digit 2 is used in formula where n is the maximum natural number. I will give one example. Suppose, n = 5   then, formula will calculate as follows.


The calculator will calculate this equation as 3.140331156954


As n becomes greater and greater in number, Pi value will become as exact as possible.

The process will go on and on indefinitely but n can never become infinity.

This is a relationship between straightness and curvedness.

If any student wants to know how I derived this equation, he/she can contact me.

Dr. Rajiv Desai. MD.



The game of Tau:

What is tau?

Tau is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Tau is nothing but double of Pi.

The circumference of a circle is calculated by multiplying its diameter by the value of Pi, while the area of a circle can be deduced by multiplying the square of its radius by the same value of Pi. Many formulae from mathematics, science, and engineering involve Pi, which makes it one of the most important mathematical constants. However, some mathematicians campaigning for the replacement of Pi argue that since so many formulae require the use of Tau, it may be used as the main circle constant instead. Over the years, various mathematicians and scientists have been critical of the use of Pi. Mathematicians don’t measure angles in degrees but measure them in radians, and there are 2Pi radians in a circle equivalent to 360 degrees. That leads to all sorts of unnecessary confusion. If you take a quarter of a circle, it has a quarter of 2Pi radians, or half Pi.  How much simpler it’d be if we just used Tau instead of Pi. The circle would have tau radians; a semicircle would have half tau, a quarter of a circle a quarter tau, and so on. So a constant Tau representing 2Pi has been proposed because a circle is 2Pi radians around, and 2Pi is found in many equations such as the Gaussian distribution, the Fourier transform, and the reduced Planck constant.

Tau is Pi multiplied by 2 to make mathematics simpler.



What do you think?

In my view, Pi is Pi and Tau is double-Pi.

I pity mathematicians who want to replace Pi with Tau because simplicity can never replace magic of originality.

Pi is original while Tau is replica.

Pi is exotic while Tau is mundane.

I will hang around with Pi even if it makes mathematics difficult.

Humans have always improvised whenever they faced difficulty.

I want to improvise.

Dr. Rajiv Desai. MD.

June 30, 2011

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