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Terrorism is defined  as death and destruction of any innocent human being, intentionally, in order to achieve political goals.
However,there is a considerable confusion in the world regarding the difference between terrorism and freedom-fight.No world leader has ever made any clear-cut distinction.So I have decided to make the distinction.
When the world uses the word Freedom-Fight in political context,it means legitimate resistance and uprising against the colonial european invaders who occupied the lands of asia and africa forcibly;outside their own country;with the intention to enlarge their empire politically.
Freedom-fight means resistance to occupation by foreign invaders who is trying to establish their colony outside their own country.During the resistance;if the innocent people of the invading country are killed in the occupied land;then;it is not terrorism.
However;whatever is happening in Palestine and kashmir is not Freedom-fight.Israel and India are not colonial european invaders.Killing innocent civilians in Israel is not Freedom-fight but at the same time; the resistance against the Israeli-military in the occupied palestine is also not terrorism.
I will give one classical example.
Britain was a european colonial invader as far as India is concerned.During indian freedom struggle;if innocent British lives were lost in India due to legitimate resistance against the occupation;then;it is not terrorism. However;if indian freedom-fighters invade the mainland Britain and kill innocent British civilians;then;it is terrorism.
I hope I made the distinction clear between terrorism and freedon-fight.
Another point.
A death is a death; no matter whether death is due to terrorism or due to stampede in the hindu temple or due to smoking.
The world is focussed on death due to terrorism and ignores loss of innocent lives due to smoking and stampede.Both smoking and stampede are totally preventable.
I would classify all deaths into preventable deaths and non-preventable deaths.
Deaths due to terrorism,smoking,tobacco,alcohol and stampede are all preventable deaths and all efforts must be made to save innocent lives.
Dr.Rajiv Desai.MD.

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