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Love is defined as a biological desire of a human being which is an emotional feeling of deep affection towards another human being which is mediated by neuro-chemical reactions in the brain.
I will discuss the love between a man and a woman who have no biological relationship like brother-sister,father-daughter,mother-son etc etc.
I will not discuss impersonal love like love for a country,love for a car etc etc.
Psychologically; love has 3 components, namely, intimacy,commitment and passion.
Scientifically; love is a biological desire like hunger,thirst etc which is mediated by release of neuro-chemicals like dopamin,norepinephrin,serotonin etc in the brain which in turn stimulates pleasure-centre in brain and the human being gets pleasure in love-making.
Love between a man and a woman includes sexual relations but sexual relations between a man and a woman does not necessarily includes love.For example;a man enjoys sexual relations with a prostitute,satisfies his lust,gives her money and forgets her because there is no love lost between them.
Platonic love doesnot exist.There has to be some physical relations between lovers like talking to eachother,meeting eachother,keeping photograph of the lover,dreaming of lover,crying for the lover,changing hair style for the lover,wearing another cloths for the lover,fasting for the lover,praying before God for the lover etc etc etc.
Real love demands time,sacrifice and compassion.
Valentine’s day is celebrated as lover’s day all over the world on 14’th february when a person gives a card or flowers or confectionary to his/her lover.The roman emperor executed Saint Valentine in the year 270 AD for the crime of uniting the lovers in the matrimonial knot against the wish of the state.Valentine’s day is meant for the re-unification of the lovers who are separated by adverse circumstances.
So what is the gold standard of real love???
I will explain with the real life example of my life.
The german super model Julia stegner(JS); the indian movie star Priyanka Chopra(PC) and the south-indian movie star Asin Thottumkal(AT) are in love with me.
1)Julia Stegner:
JS was in love with me for many years.She cried for me many times. She went to church praying for me.She came to see me in Daman Town, India in the year 2008  secretly.
However; what ever comments I sent to her official Guestbook on her official Website were blocked and censored by her so that the people cannot read my comments on her Website.
2)Priyanka Chopra:
She was in love with me for long time.She cried for me.She prayed for me before God.She was fasting for my well being.She was involved in my telephone tapping scandal to listen to my voice as she is emotional about me.She attempted suicide in the year 2007 because of her link-up with co-star.I saved her life in time by texting her mother on her mobile.She could not go against the wish of her family for me.Her career was more important than my life. She came to see me in a car in Daman Town,India in the year 2009 but did not meet me.
However, when ever I sent my comments for her official Guestbook on her official Website, it was blocked and censored by her and her family so that the people cannot read my comments posted on her Website.
3)Asin Thottumkal:
She was in love with me for many years.Her only wish was to see me once.She cried for me many times.She prayed in the church for me.She never had even friendship with any man.
However; Asin allowed my comments for her official Guestbook on her official Website to be read by the people.
The people of the world can search Asin’s official Guestbook on her official Website and read my posted comments on 27-12-2008;14-01-2009 and 01-02-2009.Asin has shown openness in her love towards me as compared to both Priyanka and Julia who were secretive about their love for me.Asin’s love is real love while Priyanka’s love and Julia’s love were less real.
I offer unconditional apologies to both Priyanka and Julia if they are hurt by my comments.I am fair and not biased and I have narrated only facts.
Openness is the gold standard of real love.
Secrecy destroys love.
Dr.Rajiv Desai.MD.
Postscript:I am grateful to my biological parents, not only because of their DNA in my body cells but also because of my success despite adverse indian environment.

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