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POLYGAMY is defined as a state of human relationship in which a person has more than one spouse at a time.
Polygamy-man(PGM)is defined as a state of human relationship where a husband has more than one wife at a time.
Polygamy-woman(PGW)is defined as a state of human relationship where a wife has more than one husband at a time.
The term polygamy is applied only in marital relations and not for extra-marital or promiscuous relations.
PGM is allowed in Islam but not allowed in other major religions.PGW is banned and condemned in all religions and civilisations.
Islam and the holy Quran allows PGM under strict conditions.The husband must give equal love and equal justice to his wives.Also,during war;there would be young widows who can be rehabilitated by giving a status of a wife of an already married man;just to save her from evil anti-social men who are hunting for a lonely woman to loot her chastity.Also,during pregnancy,childbirth and menses;the husband may be tempted to look for extra-marital promiscuous relations as his wife is not available for physical relations.
So PGM is allowed in Islam and also there are many instances of men belonging to other religions practice polygamy publicly and privately.
Even though,polygamy is legally banned in many countries,the law is not considered violated as long as an official complaint is not made by one of the wife or husband , against her/his polygamous spouse, to the court of law.The society suo-moto cannot make a legal case against polygamous couples despite having a knowledge about it.
There is only one instance of PGW in the ancient indian mythological epic of Mahabharat where the leading lady Draupadi has had 5 official husbands,namely the 5 Pandavas.However;at the time of her death;the Draupadi confessed before the 5 Pandavas that she only loved one of them namely Arjuna;even though she had physical relations with all the five and had children from all the five.
It is impossible for a woman to love two men at the same time even though she may have physical relations with them.It is possible for a man to love two women at the same time even though he may not have physical relations with them.
Also;the legitimacy of the children in polygamy is an issue.The child born in PGM is legitimate because the name of the father is certain as all the wives have only one husband.The child born in PGW is iilegitimate because the name of the father is not certain as the wife has physical relations many husbands and it is difficult to know who made her pregnant.
Also;the human male is polygamous by nature while the human female is monogamous by nature.For example;if a happily married couple is having a dinner in a hotel and a very beautiful woman enters,the husband would stare at her for a moment;but by chance;a very handsome man enters,the wife would ignore him and continue to look at her husband.When the woman becomes polygamous by nature,she is labelled as a woman with loose character.
Due to all above reasons and logic;the PGM is socially accepted but PGW is considered as a sin.
However;the awareness of my life has made deep impact in the minds of some women in the world and it is impossible for her to get involved with any other men.It would be a cruelty on such a woman if she has to marry another man and also;physical relations with her unwanted husband would amount to her molestation as she is thinking of me at that moment.
Under such very special circumstance;to save that pious,faithful and compassionate woman from cruelty and molestation;I may accept her as my wife provided my already existing wife accepts her as my wife.Otherwise,that woman has an option to become a nun.
Dr.Rajiv Desai. MD.

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