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Everybody in the cricketing world must understand that what is happening between india and australia is not good for cricket as a sport.A sport is a sport and a game is a game and it is not a matter between life and death.Indians are too emotional and over-reacted.One has to be objective in making analysis and endeavor for improvement in game.Two problems are visible:
1)Bad Umpire Decisions
2)Bad on-field Behaviour of players
Both the problems can be solved by using scientific technology.
1)Bad Umpire Decisions:The most stupid thing in cricket, is that the whole world is watching the action-replay in slow-motion and the on-field umpire is unaware of it.
It is like the judge is giving the judgement without knowing the evidence.How ICC can be so stupid?? The third umpire should be sacked.Both on-field umpires must be given mobile phone with television implanted in it.Now,it is possible to watch tv in mobile phones.I will name it MOBILE MINIATURE TELEVISION(MMT).
Every on-field umpire must have MMT in his hand.He must see action-replay in slow motion himself on ground before giving any decision.By this way,majority of the mistakes can be avoided.
2)Bad on-field behaviour of players:Video-clips are always available for gesture-abuse but you need audio-clips for verbal abuse.Every player must have a miniature microphone in his pocket while on field.Whatever he talks on-field during a game can be recorded.The audio-recording can be revealed to the world only if there is a complaint of verbal abuse.By this method,one can objectively judge whether any ICC code of conduct is violated or not.
I hope ICC will take note of my comments and put in practice MMT as well as audio-recording microphones in cricket.Even football refree can use MMT in football match.
Dr.Rajiv Desai.MD.



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