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Mathematics of Pi

Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. Pi = circumference/diameter. Pi is constant irrespective of the size of the circle. Pi is classified as an irrational number. Pi denotes relationship between a straight line and a curved line of a circle. Pi = 22/7 approximately = 3.14159 approximately. I had calculated Pi way back in 1980 which I am making public today. _ The students can see that only digit 2 is used in formula where n is the maximum natural number. I will give one example. Suppose, n = 5   then, formula will calculate as follows. _ The calculator will calculate this equation as 3.140331156954 _ As n becomes greater and greater in number, Pi value will become as exact as possible. The process will go on and on indefinitely but n can never become infinity. This is a relationship between […]



THE QUOTABLE QUOTES: I have narrated few conclusions and dictums from my 48 years of experiences from this world as QUOTES for people to know and follow if they wish so. 1) Luck is a sign of imperfection in life.I strive hard to be perfect to eliminate the luck.However,nobody is perfect and therefore everybody needs luck at some time in life. 2) Those who have faith in me,I never let them down, Those who betray me,I make their lives very miserable; Anyway,life is an illusion,death is a reality. 3) I speak neighter of revenge nor forgiveness; Oblivion is the only revenge and the only pardon. 4) It is better to be angry and fulfill your duty,rather than,be sober and neglect your duty. 5) Those who all the time find fault with the character of others;often have loose character themselves. 6) One should never feel very high all the time as […]



MEDICAL PROFESSION VERSUS CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT:(DOCTOR V/S CPA): As a qualified doctor of 20 years experience,I am a better person to comment on this controversial issue.At the outset,I want to say that I deplore CPA and condemn criminal charge of negligence against a doctor. 1)The relationship between a doctor and a patient is a matter of faith and trust and CPA destroys this pious relationship. 2)There was a time when a doctor was considred next to the God because of his ability to relieve human suffering and this respect is destroyed by the notion of a doctor being looked upon as a grocery shop owner who gives treatment in return for money;thanks to CPA. 3)A human body has millions of biological variables and it is impossible for a humanbeing to know,how and why,all these biological variables will interact to produce a disease. 4)The Hippocratic Oath has become irrelevant in 21 […]



THE POLYGAMY : POLYGAMY is defined as a state of human relationship in which a person has more than one spouse at a time. Polygamy-man(PGM)is defined as a state of human relationship where a husband has more than one wife at a time. Polygamy-woman(PGW)is defined as a state of human relationship where a wife has more than one husband at a time. The term polygamy is applied only in marital relations and not for extra-marital or promiscuous relations. PGM is allowed in Islam but not allowed in other major religions.PGW is banned and condemned in all religions and civilisations. Islam and the holy Quran allows PGM under strict conditions.The husband must give equal love and equal justice to his wives.Also,during war;there would be young widows who can be rehabilitated by giving a status of a wife of an already married man;just to save her from evil anti-social men who are […]



CRICKET CONTROVERSIES : Everybody in the cricketing world must understand that what is happening between india and australia is not good for cricket as a sport.A sport is a sport and a game is a game and it is not a matter between life and death.Indians are too emotional and over-reacted.One has to be objective in making analysis and endeavor for improvement in game.Two problems are visible: 1)Bad Umpire Decisions 2)Bad on-field Behaviour of players Both the problems can be solved by using scientific technology. 1)Bad Umpire Decisions:The most stupid thing in cricket, is that the whole world is watching the action-replay in slow-motion and the on-field umpire is unaware of it. It is like the judge is giving the judgement without knowing the evidence.How ICC can be so stupid?? The third umpire should be sacked.Both on-field umpires must be given mobile phone with television implanted in it.Now,it is possible […]


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